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Travel Tip Tuesday: The Buzz about Packing Liquids in Your Luggage

The TSA’s air travel moniker 3-1-1 has been in place to regulate liquids in carry on bags for about 5 years now. It says you can’t pack a liquid, gel, or aerosol  that is larger than 3.4 ounces, and each traveler is allowed 1 Ziploc bag full of their 3.4 oz sized products.(that Ziploc bag can’t be larger than 1 quart.)

The reason the TSA wants you to put it all in one clear bag is so the line moves faster, and luggage doesn’t have to be searched.

Yet, I still see so many large tubes of toothpaste being confiscated! Are people forgetting.. or still confused? Gels and aerosols may not be an obvious part of the rule to some travelers.

I have been in California’s wine country the past couple of weekends, and another murky area dawned on me… It is a gorgeous time to be in wine country – harvest in full bloom.

Thus, this is a popular time to visit. But how can you bring the wine home from some of those boutique wineries you love that aren’t in major wine emporiums?

The TSA DOES allow you to pack wine in your checked bags – that scares me a bit because I’ve seen how “careful” some of those baggage handlers are. Then we are also limited in just how many bottles we can bring back by how many will fit in our suitcase.

Coming home from Napa and Sonoma, I saw some smart travel solutions. There are some durable bags made especially for transporting wine home. Of course, with airlines charging for extra bags, you should see if it is cheaper to ship wine home. But first check out the interstate shipping laws – your state may not allow it, or limit how much you can ship. You should also check with your airline to see if there is a limit.

So – if packing the wine sounds good to you – and let’s face it, it is fun to bring home the wine yourself, right after you’ve had a great time tasting – here are some helpful packing solutions.

This wine carrier called the winecruzer is available through www.casesbypelican.com/wine-carrier.htm.

Winesafe_chapagne_nov_013_mini Winesafe_chapagne_nov_001_mini Winesafe_chapagne_nov_011_mini

This aluminum one ensures safe delivery and is available through www.portlandwinegear.com – around $300.

If you don’t want to bring home more than  a bottle or two, then stowing them in your checked bag may be your best bet – but nothing worse than wine-stained clothes… so I’d recommend these for your precious goods:

The Wine Mummy – a padded bag for packing, available through www.winemummy.com …. and check out the vinni bag on www.magellans.com.

If you have any other questions regarding TSA air travel regulations, go to www.tsa.gov.

Cheers to happy and safe travels.