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Travel Tip Tuesday: How You Can Avoid Baggage Fees

The name of the game in travel these days is packing light to avoid checking bags and paying pesky fees. On most airlines, this can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of your trip if you are traveling with a family. It is easier to pack lightly in the summer, as most of us are going to warm weather places… but what if you are off to a trip where you need all kinds of clothes, and possibly gear?

One packing item that has worked well for many people – my friends included – are the air tight compression bags. After you pack your items you are able to squeeze out all the air through a valve system, and compress your clothes by 75% (a claim by the manufacturer.)

The bags are especially helpful for bulky items like jackets and sweaters.

Make sure you get the bags that don’t require a vacuum to suck the air out – that could be a problem on the way home if you don’t have a vacuum. Depending on the size, the bags cost anywhere from $12-$30… and many are reusable.

Warning: Don’t pack so much that although you avoid baggage check in fees, you go over the weight limit and are subjected to other fees.

Check out this YouTube video below on how to use them – it’s kinda cheesy but you get the point. You can find the bags on Amazon, among other places : www.amazon.com/Pack-Mate-Compression-Bag-Multi-Pack/dp/B000BQSI1Q

One last note: Please remain vigilant in your travels. Just because Osama bin Laden is gone, we haven’t ended terrorism. My reaction was a somber one at the news of his death, not only for the innocent lives he took, but because I have heard too many times that he will be viewed as a martyr, and inspire others to jihad. If the photos of his body are released, the evocative images could incite his followers.