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  Living High End on the Down Low… Renting a Luxury Home

I admit. I was always a fan of staying in a hotel over renting a house. You moms can relate – no cooking or cleaning – can you say maid service and coffee in the lobby?

BUT I am now a convert. There are many advantages to renting a house for a family vacation.  More people in the high end market are doing so these days and the trend is catching on. You get a high end place.. but are potentially saving money.

For example, I stay at a friend’s home in Hawaii -and have seen more of Oahu than if I were staying in a cushy hotel right in Waikiki. Staying in a home encourages you to explore – get out of the commercial area, and uproot yourself from the pool. It is so easy to just never leave a resort.

Here is what I found to be the pros:

1) You generally get a lot more for your money – Sometimes the cost of a large house for one week matches the cost of one night at a five star hotel.

Check out these amazing Hawaiian rentals below – in the upscale Kahala neighborhood …unfortunately, you have to go to the sites to see the properties – but they are spectacular!



You can get a house that sleeps 10 for $1300 a week – just 2 1/2 blocks from the beach, and 10 minutes form Waikiki.  If you have multiple children, and get a suite or two rooms, your nice hotel total could be $1300 a NIGHT. If you share a large house with relatives or another family, your bill comes down even farther.

2) The experience is much more immersing. Living like  a local… and like I said, getting out beyond the commercial and touristy areas with souvenir shops and fast food.

In the Kahala neighborhood of Oahu, there are gorgeous homes, and the beach right there.

Most likely you will have a car or will rent one so you can get around.

3) You can spread out at the house more… with more privacy.

4) Sometimes the houses come with luxurious perks: pool,


surfboard, boogie boards, snorkeling gear,

a yard to yourself…

washing machines, and other things that you can’t get at a hotel.

5) It is cheaper on your food budget. Breakfast at home is easy with the kids… and way cheaper than eating in a hotel. Lunch too.

And it gives you more time to relax – you can sit and read a book during the time you would have spent waiting for your server to bring you your meal.

6) Finally, the last time I spoke with my house rental sources, they told me that the rental market is soft – lots of inventory even in places that typically rent out long before summer due to the economy. That means there are more opportunities for last minute rentals…. and finding a house in an area that is hard to usually find an availability. (Still waiting to confirm that is true and will update this.)

Here are some house rental sites:




In a place like Oahu, I would highly recommend it = there is so much to do on this island..having a home base is a nice thing to return to. Go for it. The world is your oyster.

Kahala Sunset