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  Privacy vs Safety…Which would you choose?

Just in time for the busiest travel weekend of the year, the TSA has implemented more “thorough” pat downs, and more body scanning machines at airports.

Here is what the new pat downs will involve, according to the LA Times:

The new search technique used by the Transportation Security Administration allows airport security screeners to use their fingers and palms to feel and probe for hidden weapons and devices around sensitive body parts, such as the breast and groin areas.

Isn’t that going a little too far? How do we prevent  the TSA officer not to abuse his or her “probing power?” (BTW – has anyone thought about what a freaky job that would be? Even if it is Kate Beckinsale you are patting.)

The other security measure at some airports is  to walk through body scanners – which are controversial because some say they have dangerous levels of radiation… and provide a pretty personal silhouette of your ahem, figure.

Some vocal travelers are protesting these security measures – you’ve probably heard about the Southern California man who caused a ruckus when he opted to not take his flight instead of getting pat down or going through the body scanners.

But – let me ask you – if TSA doesn’t employ some drastic security measures – what is the price? Are we willing to pay for it with more terrorist attempts? With more human lives? What is the right amount of privacy invasion? Where is the right balance?

Personally, after having three children, and being pushed and probed everywhere, having a pat down or showing a little body profile is a small price to pay for a system that may deter…and prevent …some more crazies from trying to fly the apparently not-so-friendly skies with explosives in his underwear.  The radiation scares me more…. hopefully technology will hasten the pace of a safer screening system.

The cheap thrills are, well, …cheap. But the potential price tag of  eliminating them is way too high.