Best Time to Buy Holiday Airfares


After a day like yesterday, many of us just want to hug our little ones,  spend time with those who mean the world to us, and truly appreciate all we have. Although that is a great mantra every single day, the official day on the calendar to do just that is around the corner – Thanksgiving. If you want to visit with family this holiday, I’ve got some news about the best time to buy airline tickets to save you money. (Oh my – some GOOD news!)

I’ve been researching this for a long time, and different websites, travel groups., etc  all seem to have varied takes on this. But – I found a group that analyzed LAST year’s travel data and all tickets purchased to arrive at the best time to buy tickets this year. They used current data, which I like, to tell us when we can save the most money.

The answer? Drum roll please – The best deals are found 55-65 days before the day you want to travel for Thanksgiving… and the price steadily creeps up each day after that. So based on this information – you should have booked your ticket last week as today it is about 51 days before Thanksgiving itself!

(And if you are looking ahead, you should buy 85 days before the day you want to travel around Christmas)

Of course, this all depends on where you are going – but you can use this as a guideline. Prices reportedly skyrocket 20 days before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As a very general rule, the sweet spot to buy any domestic ticket is between 3 months and 3 weeks before travel. But no matter what study or analysis you listen to – it’s time to start looking for holiday airfares!

To read a complete report for other holidays too:

Happy and safe travels everyone.




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