Data analysis shows January to be good time to find cheap airfare

Hey Travelers! Happy New Year! I know you are probably getting settled back into real life, and possibly just coming back from a holiday vacation, so planning a trip may not be on your mind. BUT – these next few weeks are a great time to save money on airfare. It would literally pay to consider your next travel plans right now.

The website Skyskanner, which looks at data to figure out the best prices for flights, has determined the first few weeks in January offer the “most cost-effective” flight options for many destinations. This is after the peak of holiday travel, and before the peak of spring break, so of course, airlines want to give you incentive to book when demand is down.

How good are these deals you may ask? well..
On United Air :
Book by Jan 25:
Los Angeles to Salt Lake City – $116 RT
Chicago to Orlando $198 RT
San Francisco to Las Vegas $112 RT

On Southwest Air
New York City to Miami – $174 RT
Los Angeles to Las Vegas – $80 RT

WOW Air –
Los Angeles to London $340 RT
San Francisco to London $340 RT
Miami to Amsterdam $300 RT

Don’t wait – Skyscanner’s analysis also shows that prices go up by March as much as 13 percent over the yearly average for domestic flights, and international prices could go up by about 56% more than the year-round average.

Happy Travels!

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