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  Where Can You Go For Free?

Yes… you heard me – FREE. There are many sites you can visit for free on  your travels. Just gotta seek them out!

I am here to help. If you live in or near Los Angeles…. or plan to travel there anytime soon, check out a segment I did on KABC-TV’s weekend magazine show “Eye on LA.”  The segment is “Free in LA.” and it airs Saturday June 4  6:30PM. We visit two interesting and historical places you may have never known about.

If you don’ t live in the LA market, you can always visit after Saturday. Lots of good archived shows there but he “Free in LA” segment airs in the Home and Fashion episode.

Have a fantastic weekend…

  Where the Rich and Famous Go…

If you can’t go where the A-listers go, at least it is fun to learn about the gorgeous destinations… and even better, watch them on TV!!

This weekend one of my favorite shows I ever hosted is on the Travel Channel Sunday at 12 noon. It is called “Islands for Rent”… and is about – you guessed it, private islands you can rent for you and 10 of your best friends. Or maybe all you need is one.

From Fiji… to the British Virgin Islands…. to Belize…there are some mind-blowingly gorgeous little atolls in the middle of turquoise blue. One featured in the show is Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Pure paradise – I was pinching myself the whole time I was there because at about $200,000 a week, I knew I probably wouldn’t be back. This is where Oprah, Steven Speilberg, Mel Gibson have all reportedly stayed. I remember a funny story – the staff told me they will never say no to any guest’s request… however the one time they did say no was when a nudist colony rented the island, and asked all the staff to bare all also.

One of my personal favorite private islands is Lalati  in Fiji. Affordable too – just a trek to get there.

You can learn about all these indulgent escapes by armchair traveling this Sunday at 12 noon Eastern and Pacific… on the Travel Channel. Set your TIVOS. Just in time for summer.

I think it is time for “Islands for Rent II” !!!

  The Secret Life Of Tiger Woods

A Dateline Special  aired Sunday January 10 at 10PM on TLC.


"ARE WE THERE YET"London_birds

Just a reminder  – this Sunday March 18 "Are We There Yet" airs on the Travel Channel. 10PM Eastern and 7PM Pacific.

This is a family friendly show – so either TIVO it to watch with your kids, or have them watch it with you live.

It is an informative look at traveling with children – showing great family destinations, exposing the challenges of traveling with young children, and giving helpful hints along the way. Don’t miss it!!


Bald_eagle TIVO your sets for MARCH 18…10PM EST…the TRAVEL CHANNEL

Many people ask me the best way to travel with children. Although it is not always easy, I encourage it! The things your children will learn about the world makes all the meltdowns, jet lag, and long airport lines worth it.

For a sneak peak at a family trip to Copenhagen…interspersed with travel tips on how to do it…and real life experiences of some of the joys AND challenges of traveling with young children…watch "Are We There Yet" on the Travel Channel. I hope it will be inspiring!