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  Hotel of the Week: Ladies, Indulge At These Resorts Just For You

September can be hectic for many women – back to school schedules for moms, and more rigorous job demands as corporate America also digs in a little deeper after a summer pace.

Some hotels are marketing to women’s daily challenges and chores this time of year by offering women’s wellness weeks – Women guests only, focusing on better living. I have heard of at least four taking place in October!

If this sounds interesting to you, you can check these out:

1) Cal-a-Vie, San Diego, CA -


Probably one of the most luxurious spa retreats in the country, this ultra luxe (and pricey) oasis in San Diego is offering a women’s wellness week Oct 13-19…with emphasis on reducing stress and living a healthier lifestyle.  The message will be driven home with presentations and discussions on effects of hormones, cooking, staying fit for life… in addition to the normal mind/body/spirit program usually offered.  You can participate in many different yoga classes, get spa treatments, all at the same time focusing on good nutrition.



Cal a Vie is in a gorgeous French countryside type setting… Women only will be allowed this week.

2) Staying in the San Diego area, Ocean Pearl Spa is offering Women’s Wellness Weekend Oct 4-6.




This spa is in the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa… right near Legoland. It might be hard to leave the kids at home when you are so close to a favorite amusement park, but if you decide to, here is what the weekend offers:

–Workshops on anti-aging, nutrition injection therapy, stress management.

–Sunset yoga on the terrace

–Spa treatments


Ocean Pearl Spa form

Ocean Pearl Spa form

This isn’t a women’s weekend only at the resort, just womens’ special activities at the spa. The spa is beautifully decorated, with calming colors and a chic aesthetic. It offers a nice menu of treatments. The hotel  location is very close to downtown Carlsbad, the beach, and other attractions in San Diego. There is a nice price point for this weekend of wellness too.

3) Lake Austin Resort, Austin, TX


Oct 1-12 is the “Gathering of Wise Women.” During this time guests can meet with relationship coaches, and listen to discussions on the power of positivity. Of course, there are fitness classes and an emphasis on nutrition too. This resort is quite lovely, on sprawling grounds. There are pet friendly rooms, which is a plus for animal lovers, and rooms with private porches to idle the days away.


4) How does fly fishing, mountain biking and sea kayaking sound?




A little more active adventure than the all women packages above… but at Doe Camp with Vermont Outdoor Guide Association for women, that’s what’s on the agenda. It is the ultimate weekeend retreat for adventurous women! It takes place this year from Sept 27-29 at Jackson’s Lodge in Canaan, VT….. so it is most likely too late for this year – but bookmark for 2014.

Looking out for  you ladies! Grab some gal pals and treat yourself to some time to rejuvenate. It is important for your health and well-being.






  A Travel Recommendation You Women Will Appreciate

So ladies…. Get this. Last week I had an out of town shoot in San Francisco, for which the producers requested my hair color to match a shoot three years ago. The night before I left, my hairdresser completely flaked. SO I jump on the plane, meanwhile texting all my Bay Area friends for good haridressers, hoping someone can fit me in very last minute.

That’s what friends are for because all of them came back with suggestions. Since I had some business in Sonoma the day before the shoot, I tried the recommendation from a VERY trusted source and went to Salon Novo right off the Sonoma square.

Sonoma, CA

Which made me think – how many times have we all been traveling when we run into a jam like this? Whether it be hair… or any other personal necessity.

I am here to assure you that if you ever get to the popular travel destination of Sonoma, especially during tourist-heavy harvest season, or you need a stylist for a wedding in wine country, Salon Novo is a solid bet.

Salon Novo, Sonoma CA

Yes, this may be a blatant plug – but – good hair recommendations are hard to find. Andria and John Falcon, husband and wife team, are owners… it’s a small boutique, with art from local artists dotting the walls, but with better attractions than bigger establishments I’ve visited. There is WiFI in the salon, so many customers were getting work done. There is also a website for booking appointments – convenient!

But what was most attractive to me is that it is all green. I felt the passion this couple felt about being healthy and environmentally responsible as John washed my hair – he explained each product he used, and how all the ingredients are organic and grown on a farm. I use natural products at home, but for work or special occasions, they just don’t leave my hair as shiny. These products did. (Intelligent Nutrients.)

John also gave the BEST scalp massage. Seriously. Where was he when I was pregnant?

Andria did a great job on my hair… AS IF I need any more excuses to get back to one of my favorite places :)





  Travel Tip Tuesday: How to Tip, and Spa for Cheap!

Time to check in on those New Year’s Resolutions… Are you following them? I admit – a friend and I vowed to cleanse our lives – shake up our work out program, get rid of junk in the closet, and throw out the old mind clutter to make room for a more meaningful life.I haven’t been as good as I had hoped.

Not too late – If it is taking better care of yourself that you wanted to do, (the majority of resolutions revolve around that concept,) the good new is it Spa Week this week, and many spas around the country are giving signature treatments for only $50.

Detox Body Mud Mask at a Belize Spa

There are so many spa treatments out there these days – go to to find which spas all over the country are giving special offers. For instance, I found :

–Three different 45 minute facials at Los Angeles’s spa Jurlique (all natural) …

–And a 5o minute sports massage at New York’s Spa at Chelsea Piers -

Both for $50!! If you have seen a spa menu lately, a 50 minute massage for $50 is unheard of.

If you take advantage of these specials, remember, tipping is 15-20% of the NORMAL price.

Whether you are traveling… or thinking about splurging at a hotel spa near your home, go ahead and treat yourself , and fire up those resolutions:) Have a great day.

  Time to throw in the towel…at a spa.

I don’ t have to look at the calendar to know summer is over tomorrow. My first rough morning today getting my three young kids out the door to school pretty much solidified it. We ran out of milk (how did I overlook that?), my daughter didn’t like her outfit, and my precious new kindergartner was crying he was going to miss me.

I am sure it would have all been fine if my reaction was one like you read about in those parenting handbooks before you actually have children and are thrown into real life. Ya know the ones I am talking about – for instance, when I ran out of milk, instead of cursing I should have turned around Mary Poppins style and said – “Guess what kids! We are going to have such a fun time thinking of things to have for breakfast without milk!!”

I am convinced the authors of those parenting books are in a cushy quiet office, don’ t have kids, and think -”yeah, that sounds like it’ll work…”

So it is no wonder I am inspired to write about spas today….

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