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  Hotel of the Week and Spiritual Journies

Every true  spiritual journey is a quest. Which means that we set out to discover something… who we really are…what life is about…the truth we aren’t listening to.

It’s much easier to coast through life on the surface, without ever answering the call of what we know our soul is telling us we need.   But if we choose to ignore the calling.. or that there is more to life than the daily rush, – what is the meaning? And why are some people tuned out?

We need to take time to pause, and travel is a way to accomplish that.

I read an interview with the singer Seal recently…. His song “Love’s Divine” is one of the most beautiful written, and although he didn’t say it, I think it reflects the spiritual quest he reportedly went through while traveling in India.

“Then the rainstorm came, over me… And I felt my spirit break.. I had lost all of my belief you see…and realized my mistake.

But time threw a prayer to me..and all around me became still.”

Seal said in India he  learned a more peaceful accepting attitude towards life, his career and many other things including his childhood scars.

“Through the rainstorm came sanctuary, and I felt my spirit fly. I had found all of my reality… I realize what it takes.”

I am using his story – and many others who have made pilgrimages to India –  as inspiration, and talking about the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers in Mumbai.

If you remember, the hotel was victim to the 2008 bombings there – it recently re-opened late last year.

The rebirth of the hotel…just in time for a spiritual rebirth??

Even though it is a huge hotel, it is gorgeous. During the news clips of the bombing, one couldn’t get a sense of how stunning this hotel is.

It is of Moorish, Florentine, and Asian style…

One definition of spiritual: of , concerned with, or affecting the soul. The Taj Majal Palace and Towers might be a good place to start.,MUMBAI/default.htm