Travel Tip Tuesday: Extinguish Those Smoke-Friendly Hotel Rooms

Have I developed smoker’s voice? In the past month I have been given two cigarette-friendly hotel rooms. I sincerely forgot they still even exist. Didn’t hotels kick the habit?

Girls Weekend in Vegas

Apparently not…. and definitely not in Vegas…. where there ARE a lot of smoking rooms.  I recently booked a hotel room in Vegas online.

The other time I got a smoke friendly room was in a very clean, outdoorsy city so I was surprised.

Beware: Many hotel chains that claim to be “smoke free” still offer smoking rooms to travelers abroad, where smoking is more commonly accepted.

If you are booking online and the website doesn’t ask if you want a smoking or non-smoking room, make sure to follow up with a phone call. Especially in a place like Vegas!

Secondly, if you do receive a smoking room and the hotel offers to change your room, or to bring in a machine that cleanses the air, choose the room change. Even if you think it is a hassle to re-pack, we tried the machine and it is only about 40% effective, so if you are highly sensitive to cigarette smoke residue, grab that new room while it is available.

If you can. ask for a non-smoking floor – sometimes the smoke seeps through the rooms. You especially don’t want your children exposed to the carcinogenic second hand smoke.

Happy Travels!

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