Hotel of the Week: On the Best Beach in the Country

It’s August….but not too late to get your summer travel game on!

Actually, the end of August – beginning of September is my favorite time to travel. Gorgeous vacation weather, and many school-age children are back in the classroom, so less crowds.

KEY for my hotel of the week: Hotel del Coronado in Southern California’s San Diego area. The beach upon which is sits was just named the best beach in the country by Dr. Beach – it is usually on the top beach list, so it’s merits are nothing new – but since it was named in 2012′s  top spot, the hotel staff told me there was a bigger marketing effort. And boy -did it work.

I was there this summer  – and it was CROWDED! The hotel is huge anyway – with some —— rooms. You can’t completely feel like you are “away” with so many people around – just so much hustle and bustle. But kudos to the incredible hotel staff for not letting it ruffle their feathers at all. The service was top notch, and they didn’t miss a beat, which would be easy to do with so many others whom to cater.

The beach is beautiful, albeit crowded   – the hotels sits on a public beach – it didn’t bother me as much because I am used to So Cal crowded beaches.

Hotel del Coronado Beach Villa

If you haven’t been to this legendary hotel , it is worth a visit. It was named a national historic landmark, and has seen the likes of dignitaries, and celebs like Marilyn Monroe. The hotel went through an upgrade, so even the rooms in the Victorian building are modern. There is also the Tower building, and the Beach Villas – If you can afford it, the Beach Villas are mini houses right on the beach, and THE way to go. It feels less crowded when you are staying there.

It is a wonderful family hotel with plenty to do. My kids and I spent hours boogie boarding – the waves are perfect for young kids – not too big….makes it a little harder for adults to be carried on the wave however!

The sand on the beach is litter free…. and fine.  One of my favorite hotel services are the sand caddies who set up your beach chairs and umbrellas. One less thing to carry!

You can also rent these very touristy-but adorable bikes where the whole family can pedal. Just down the boardwalk from the hotel they rent for $20 an hour – good deal for an hour of trolling around the cute island of Coronado. There is a little village, and some beautiful homes to see.

There is a nice pool, with a pretty deck above for sunset cocktails. Be warned: the pool is not so quiet – there is a band that struck up the party music (think Jimmy Buffet) in the early afternoon.

A nice perk you  might be lured to try: setting up s’mores on the beach after dinner. The staff will build a bonfire, and provide all the tools. Make sure you have time to enjoy this – it is expensive – $150 for a family of five (that includes tip.)

Don’t miss the breakfast buffet – kids are only $5! It is one of the best I’ve had….. but then again I like a little south of the boarder flavor with my eggs, and proximity to Mexico is seen here. Salsa, guacamole, and chilaquiles along side the omelet bar.

Make sure you allow enough time here to unwind…there is so much to do it can take two days to find your rhythm. And be sure to check out the website for special packages!

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