Hotel of the Week: Tie the Knot or Renew Your Vows in Style

Recently, the NY Times marked its 20th anniversary of the paper’s “Vows’ column – where couples getting married are profiled. The editor went back to visit some couples who were married in the column’s first months.

The reporter found some divorced, but “The good news is that among the couples who remain together, no one sounded bored or worn out, the way long-married couples are supposed to sound. Marriage has always been portrayed as the downside of weddings. Weddings are glamorous and usually involve weight loss; marriage is dull and involves weight gain. Every bride and bridegroom is beautiful; every husband and wife is exhausted. At a wedding everything is new. And later, is anything new?”

Geez.  My knee-jerk reaction is that it doesn’t have to be that way. I am still an optimist. And because of that, I thought of some of the most beautiful places in the world to get married  – or renew those vows . The goal:  the wedding day ISN’T the climax… you would be a happily married person if it only got better than that beautiful day :)

No grand ballrooms with conference room chairs… but very homey, individualistic locations that make you feel like you are some place special. No wedding factories.

Ladies and gentlemen, brides and grooms-to-be – it is wedding season after all – feast your loving eyes on these dream destinations for your important day.

Little Palm Island, Florida

You can choose from a variety of ceremony sites—natural white-sand beaches, a lush tropical Zen Garden, harbor view Palapa Point gazebo, and the Sunset Dock—that accommodate a maximum of 40 guests.

Auberge Du Soleil, Napa CA – A breathtaking and casually elegant venue in wine country.

(last photo from

Turtle Island, Fiji

The bride is presented at sunset via traditional Fiji boat to meet her new husband on shore with the wedding.  This small island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so warning: Lots of honeymooners here…it is not an unknown place.

The Inn at Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton, South Carolina..true Southern hospitality and intimacy. The chapel is old-fashioned adorableness.

Photo from

There are many guides out there to assist in finding the right resort for you….and lots to think about. Some guests may not be able to make a trip… some venues don’t allow children…etc – but most have wedding planners to help make your day easier. Cheers!

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