Travel Tip Tuesday: How to Stay One Night When There’s a Two Night Minimum

Hotel Libertador, Cusco, Peru

How many times have you wanted to stay only Saturday night at a hotel, but the hotel only allows a two-night minimum booking? Whether it be for a wedding, quick get away, taking care of business, etc, those occasions do come up.

Here’s one way to play it: Book the two nights, unless you can find another hotel that would book just one. As the day of your travel grows near – as in that same week – check back with the hotel to see if you can give up one night. By that time, the hotel has a good idea of how busy it will be, and possibly knows of others who would snag that one night.

It has worked for me before, and the hotel credits your credit card.This is especially useful if you have a hotel where you’d really like to stay – if it doesn’t matter you can use an travel bidding website like a

Happy Travels!

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  • Tracy Whipple

    Great tip Tracy! We also have found that if we talk to the hotel directly, some will have a lower fee to book just one night. For example, we priced a hotel for a client at around $200 to $250 a night and the hotel said they would add $40 to book for one night only instead of the 2 night minimum. Worked great for our client!

  • Daniel Cunningham

    Tracy, great tip!

  • TracyGallagher

    Thanks!! Are you following me on FB?

  • TracyGallagher

    Great comment! Love it!