United Airlines Drops Pre-Boarding for Families with Children

How is this good business? According to USA Today, the airline wanted to address the “inequality” among passengers. I can think of many other areas of inequality, puh-lease! Letting a mother flying alone with kids go first, for example, only helps the whole entire plane board on time. I think anyone standing behind kids in line to get to his or her seats will agree. Pre-boarding allow the whole process to go smoother, (and saves the mom a few grey hairs.)

Hopefully, more airlines will not follow suit.  Currently, the following airlines do allow family preboarding:

Delta, AirTran – 2 years and younger, Continental (will it remain with the United merger?), JetBlue- 2 and under, Frontier -5 and under.These are just a few…

What human would mind if a family with young children gets to their seats first?

What do you think?

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  • LivedinItaly

    Not allowing the pre-board will create more problems, especially when it comes time for the parent(s) to find a place to stow baggage in the overhead bins. Bad choice on the part of United.

  • TracyGallagher

    Absolutely! It is backwards thinking. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of any other passenger complaining about kids going first…