Travel Tip Tuesday: Which Airlines are Best for Claiming Award Miles

If you are a frequent flier who gets a charge out of redeeming miles for free tickets, you may want to fly Southwest more often. The low cost carrier ranked first in the number of available award seats for its program members.

The study, conducted by IdeaWorks Co, looked at seat availability when customers tried to redeem points or miles by examining than 6000 requests on 23 airline websites. Here is a summary of results below:

–Air Berlin and Southwest had 100% availability – that is AMAZING. Now.. if only the new Berlin airport would get off the ground…

–Lufthansa – 91%

–Singapore Airlines – 90.7%

–Air Tran Airways and United Air – 87.1%

–JetBlue – 86.4%

–British Air – 79.3%

–Alaska Air – 59.3%

At the bottom? Delta Air with only 27.1% availability.

Keep in mind you should always check with the partner airlines to your program – they cold be easier to snag a reward seat on. I flew to Paris free on Air Tahiti Nui… which is a partner of one of the airlines of which I am a frequent flier.

And – think about flying into a nearby city with your award ticket – sometimes award seats on an airline are unavailable to Milan… but check into another European city like Zurich from which you can take a train.

Now… go count your points/miles… and book that summer vacation :)

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