Travel Tip Tuesday: Don’t Miss Your Flight Because of Your Boarding Pass

So technology can be incredibly helpful, right? A time saver!

However, we all know it can get us in trouble too. For instance – now that the airlines can electronically send you your boarding pass, we all can save time by printing it at home and scooting to security once at the airport. And even better – if you are somewhere where there is no printer,  you can simply load it to your mobile phone and check in.

BUT  – beware – even though some airlines offer it, you need to make sure the airport from which you are flying has mobile phone scanners at the security check. Otherwise, you will be forced to run back and print up your boarding pass at the kiosks near the airline check in desks… and wait on a security line again!

You can check on our airline’s website to see which airport offers mobile checking for that airport – each airline differs. Better yet – call and speak to someone. You wouldn’t want technology to come back and bite you twice!

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