IPO Insanity: How to Use Facebook to Help with Travel

Since it is so topical, I thought I’d better dive right in. Facebook is breaking records today as one of the largest IPOS…

That being said, there are so many valuable tools to plan trips these days, and Facebook is only one of them, despite the hype.. Perhaps that’s an area of growth for the company…

Here are ways to make the mad money social media site work for you and your travels:

1) Click “like” on some travel pages, (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tracy-Gallagher/284725555177 !!!) and receive updates about travel news! If you haven’t spent time finding people beyond your high school friends, there are personalities and commercial interests with pages on Facebook which you can follow and receive info. You could learn about travel deals, etc. The thing is – you have to log on to Facebook to check your news feed… If you don’t go on daily, it takes a concerted effort to check, which is a downfall.

2) Read the comments from other FB users on destination pages…. you will get an idea of what other travelers really liked about a location. Some may post photos or videos too!

3) Facebook Connect allows you to view other travel websites while remaining logged in to your social network. So you can see what your friends have done on other websites.. like where they’ve gone on TripAdvisor. It’s a great way to figure out which friends you should ask for advice about your trip.

4) Use an integrated travel app like Gogobot! The travel app allows Facebook users to share vacation photos with friends and non-friends while giving recommendations to people who post questions about general travel and specific destinations.

5) And lastly.. the good “old fashioned” way to learn about travel on FB – start a conversation and… just ask your friends…a trusted source. :)

Have a great weekend – it’s almost summer :)

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    Good advise as usual Tracy !