Travel Tip Tuesday: An App for the Green Road Trip

How do you like paying $4 a gallon for gas? In some places, for instance where I live, it is quickly approaching $5. Sheesh – that summer road trip gets more expensive all the time. Maybe many of you travelers will consider an electric car soon???

I’m not on my soap box about it – I realize that the price of electric vehicles needs to come down… and we drivers want more mileage from one charge. But until that day comes… we still have some decent options:

2012 Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt can operate for about 35 miles on one charge…and an auxiliary gas option kicks in for an extra 375 miles.

2012 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus and Nissan Leaf can get about 100 miles on one charge – pretty darn good…

2012 Tesla

And the king of electric, the tony and expensive Tesla, can go for an amazing 300 miles.

A  report this week says consumers save about $700-$1000 a year on fuel costs with an electric car . You tell me – if you can afford one in the first place, is that enough savings to outweigh the hassles of recharging?

There is an app out to make electric car ownership easier – “Carstations” is a free, regularly updated app that uses Google Maps to help you locate a charging station. You can plan your trips around the locations.

If you are thinking that charging stations are about as plentiful as a drive thru Starbucks in the Mojave Desert,  well – that is changing too my revolutionary road trippers. Word is that Walmart, Ikea, and other retailers are going to add charging stations at their venues.

And by the way… Two other reasons to support the electric movement: fewer emissions… and less dependence on foreign oil.

One of my friends who will go unnamed to protect the innocent has a taken the plunge toward environmental enlightenment: He has a car that runs on natural gas – pretty impressive. He has a manual with all the charging stations and plans his trips accordingly… he just sometimes forgets his wallet, LOL.. That’s another way to save money on gas…but I don’t recommend it :)

For some good summer road trips & other ways to save money on fuel – The Automobile Club provides driving trips with maps, and tips.

Are we there yet?

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