Taking the Kids to Peru: Final Days -and Lima WOW!

The last days of our Adventures by Disney tour to Peru found us with a lot of time on our own to wander the streets and ruins of Cuzco and Lima.

I will leave you with the last images I have in my head about these two very different but both wonderful cities.


The doors in Cuzco were amazing – all over the main square. Such craftsmanship.

Lima was breathtaking at sunset on a Sunday, when all the families were out and about.

Lima, Peru

Both are must see stops on any trip to Peru.

Two highlights though…. Our final dinner together as a tour group was made special by the tour guides – They always say when you travel with a tour you really get to know the people with whom you journey. This is especially true for a Disney tour – they infuse every step of the way with fun, and a positive environment.

The final dinner was where we had our “white elephant” exchange – we all bought small tokens from the Pisca market, and wrapped them – you had to be creative because wall you had to work with was what was in your hotel room or your suitcase!

It was a fun night.

Our final lunch together in Lima was a true treat. We got inside one of the oldest private homes in Lima, which has been in the same families for generations. It was right next door to the presidential palace…

Lima, Peru

Downtown Lima is gorgeous. It was such a surprise – the architecture in the main square rivals other world class cities.

It was a perfect way to end our super adventure – in awe and  leaving us wanting more.  We walked away with new friends… and new found appreciation for Peru and the Incas.

Happy Travels to you!


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  • Jordan

    I am booking the next flight to Peru.

  • TracyGallagher

    Do it! It is spectacular. :)

  • ASantoro

    Tracy: Would you recommend the Adventure by Disney tour for an adult couple or is really just for families?