WIth Thanksgiving a Week Away, The Best Place to Feast Is On The Brain

I broke my golden travel rule the last time I visited New York: Never, ever, eat at the same restaurant twice in the same visit.

And yet, I enjoyed “Eataly” so much, I almost went there a third time in 5 days. It had that much pull on me, and by the looks of it, everyone who goes there.

“Eataly” is a 40,000 square foot marketplace on steroids; the energy is magnetic. It is hard to describe because I’ve never seen anything like it – the San Francisco Ferry Building comes close, but then again, not – it is a mix of farmers market, gourmet products, and restaurants: all high quality, all from only Italian producers. It is located on 5th Ave, and 23rd St.

Whether it be cookies… or coffee.. there is a sign above each product indicating from which region of Italy it comes. So, of course, there are exciting products you won’t find anywhere else nearby…and are authentically Italian.

Excellent place to pack up a picnic lunch for Central Park!

But in between the dozens of aisles of products…Italian meats…

fabulous cheeses…

and hundreds of bottles of imported wine…

are various places to stop and eat – retaurant style. The magical thing about it, is everything is out in the open under one big roof, so it feels very communal.

The first time I went after a business meeting… and seriously lost track of time. The second time I took the kids for gelato. It was fresh,and not too sweet. Needless to say, they loved it.

One of my favorite cookbook authors, Mario Batali, is a partner in this venture – the first ‘Eataly” started in 2007 in Torino, Italy, and there are now more than a dozen – mostly in Italy and Japan.

Now… if they could only bring one to Los Angeles…per favore!


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