Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

A busy travel season is upon us – kids out of school and taking family trips for the holidays. At the same time, hotels have been infested with bed bugs – Across the U.S. we’ve seen bedbugs in upscale hotels, movie theaters, churches, hospitals, even clothing stores. I don’t want to post photos of the bodily damage these bloodsuckers can create – certainly not pleasant – but you can find those all over the internet.

Not to frighten you – but just be aware. You don’t want to be meal for these annoying pests while you sleep. The LA Times had a good article yesterday on how to protect yourself from the little varmints while traveling. You don’t want to mess with them, or bring them into your own home – they can live one year without feeding. Gross.

The National Pest Management Association recommends:

–Take along large plastic bags to hold suitcases during hotel stays. (While leaving them in your room.)

–Vacuum suitcases after returning from a trip. These guys like to travel too!

–Don’t put your luggage on the floor or beds of a hotel- use a luggage rack

–Check bed sheets in hotel rooms or at home for telltale brown or red spots of dried excrement.

–Never bring second hand furniture, especially mattresses into a home unless they have been thoroughly examined.

–Inspect areas where pets sleep.

For more – and,0,3362775.story

Wishing you bug-free travels…

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