Time to throw in the towel…at a spa.

I don’ t have to look at the calendar to know summer is over tomorrow. My first rough morning today getting my three young kids out the door to school pretty much solidified it. We ran out of milk (how did I overlook that?), my daughter didn’t like her outfit, and my precious new kindergartner was crying he was going to miss me.

I am sure it would have all been fine if my reaction was one like you read about in those parenting handbooks before you actually have children and are thrown into real life. Ya know the ones I am talking about – for instance, when I ran out of milk, instead of cursing I should have turned around Mary Poppins style and said – “Guess what kids! We are going to have such a fun time thinking of things to have for breakfast without milk!!”

I am convinced the authors of those parenting books are in a cushy quiet office, don’ t have kids, and think -”yeah, that sounds like it’ll work…”

So it is no wonder I am inspired to write about spas today….

Coincidentally, many spas (except on the west coast) are having specials right now in light of spa week mid-October.

On www.spaweek.com there is a list of spas with specials. You should reconfirm with the spa itself, and never trust a third party website. But one deal that did look great is at the Rock Resort Spa at La Posada de Santa Fe in New Mexico. It is an awesome hotel and for $50 you can get a 50 minute sacred organic facial…or a 50 minute absolute vitality slimming wrap. www.laposada.rockresorts.com

Other relatively new spas to watch are the following:

Viceroy Snowmass, CO: New this year….Does a nice job of remembering it is a mountain lodge, but still maintaining some of its hip design that is a Viceroy trademark.

Interesting looking spa treatment: Caviar facial…you may end up smelling like Beluga, but be rich in Omega 3s. www.viceroyhotelsandresorts.com/snowmass

Adult Pool at Terranea

Spa at Terranea, Palos Verdes, CA:  A stunningly beautiful eco-resort right off the Pacific Ocean. It is a great getaway for Californians – feels like you’re away from it all, but it is near for So Cal dwellers, and next to LAX for those in Nor Cal. The spa boasts an adults only pool with private cabanas… look for the hot stone and nutrient mask facial.  www.terranea.com

Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Boston, MA: Another new spa…and a nice stop during a fall leaf peeping trip to New England. Boston’s five star spa, it has a Sanctuary Suite for couples only – with a private soaking tub and treatment tables for two. www.mandarinoriental.com/boston/spa/

Calgon, take us all away…

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