What Were They Thinking? True Stories From Airport Security

Many of us have had that “oops” packing moment…whether it be forgetting to get rid of that bottled water in your bag before going through airport security lines… or having a Swiss army knife on your key chain.

But the following stories go way beyond that. August is the busiest month at a New Jersey warehouse where goods confiscated at airports are stored…..Below is a list of wacky items customs officials and airport security screeners have found at New York and Washington D.C. area airports, all in passengers’ luggage. Really.

Animals that are considered delicacies have been found frequently…

How about -

–A full body smoked monkey – with its face and teeth still visible.

–Two full length uncooked cows legs

–A roasted hamster

Other animals:

–One man tried to conceal two live pigeons on his legs under a pair of tights

–Another tied a baby alligator to his legs

–A drug stuffed dead cat

Of course, there are other drug smuggling stories:

–A padded bra stuffed with cocaine

–A 70-year-old woman hid some hash in her magazine

Weapons believe it or not, are still packed…

—Fully loaded hand guns are not uncommon

–But how about a gassed up power chain saw??

Sometimes you may feel like you packed everything but the kitchen sink -but one man really DID pack the kitchen sink.

And lastly, my favorite..sad but true:

–A Chilean family tried to wheel a dead relative through security in a wheelchair, trying to avoid paying a fee for transporting a body.

The most common excuse after someone is caught carrying contraband? “Someone else packed my bags.” If any of the above items interest you, most are eventually auctioned off on ebay!

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